Joker (2019) Review [Minor Spoilers]

Background and logo: © Warner Bros. Pictures The Joker, as a character, is enigmatic in every way. Despite being one of, if not the most recognizable villains in pop culture, his origins have always changed with just about every iteration of the character. So much so that if you were to ask casual fans about… Continue reading Joker (2019) Review [Minor Spoilers]

15 Details from the First JOKER Trailer – Breakdown

Background: © Warner Bros. Pictures We've known for a few months now that a new Joker origin movie would be coming in soon. We also know that it won't be featuring Jared Leto's whimsical inked prince of crime, but instead, a brand new iteration of the character played by Joaquin Phoenix (Her, Walk the Line).… Continue reading 15 Details from the First JOKER Trailer – Breakdown