10 Details from the NEW Avengers: Endgame Trailer – Breakdown

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Marvel Studios dropped a brand new trailer for Avengers: Endgame just a few hours ago literally out of nowhere! It’s only a minute long but it’s chocked full of details we can obsessively breakdown to our heart’s content. From new armors to locations, here’s my breakdown of ten details from the NEW Avengers: Endgame trailer.

1. “If we do this…”

© Disney / Marvel

The trailer opens with Dr. Bruce Banner saying, “If we do this, we’ll be going in short handed.”

To which Rhodey sarcastically replies, “Yeah, ’cause you mean he killed all our friends?”

This is must a few minutes into the movie, just as the team is planning what they know is a suicide mission against Thanos. It’s possible that they’ve just rallied back together through the efforts of either Black Widow or Captain America.

We see here that Thor is wearing the same hoodie from when he stood off against Captain Marvel in the last trailer. It’s very much possible that this is on the same day, and the team’s spirits are ever so slightly uplifted because of her arrival.

2. Steve Rogers shaves his beard off.

© Disney / Marvel

Here we find a cleanly-shaven Captain America in front of a mirror in what looks like a bathroom in side the Avengers’ Facility. This could be the scene were he shaves off the beard he grew to go incognito, becoming (in spirit) Nomad. And him shaving the beard off could signify that the Captain America that we all know and love is back!

3. Rocket and Nebula comfort each other.

© Disney / Marvel

In this scene we see the sad trash panda and Nebula sitting on the hatch of the Benatar, the Guardians of the Galaxy ship. Judging from their attire, this must be from a scene where Tony and Nebula just arrive on Earth to reunites with what remains of their friends. And take note that Rocket doesn’t even know that the other Guardians have been dusted. He just knows about Groot. When he finds out, it’s gonna devastate him for sure.

Rocket and Nebula aren’t the best of friends and I don’t think that they’ve ever talked to each other on screen. But right now, they’re what’s left of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They gotta be there for each other.

As they mourn the death of their friends, Rocket moves to take Nebula’s hand to comfort her. She takes it. Meanwhile, Tony says in a voice over, “It’s not about how much we lost…”

4. Tony keeps his promise to Pepper.

© Disney / Marvel

“… it’s about how much we have left.”

Love this scene. It looks like it’s happening at the same time as the last one. Tony keeps his promise to Pepper and comes back home to her. She understandably in tears. Makes you wonder how long Tony and Nebula were away drifting in space that he had to send that message through his helmet.

Maybe instead of working like a two-way radio, the message on the helmet was recorded so the helmet would serve as a black box in case they would run out of food or oxygen before the ship made it back to Earth. That’s my guess.

And speaking of the Iron Avenger…

5. The new suit in action.

© Disney / Marvel

This is the first time we actually get to the Tony’s new Iron Man armor in action. And it. Is. AWESOME.

Leaked and teased a million times over, this armor is slightly-inspired by his first gold-red armor in the comics. Like this one, the armor that first appeared in 1963 was form-fitting, had gold sleeves and legs with the red parts looking like boots, gloves, and a leotard onesie.

© Disney / Marvel

This is by-far his best armor yet, both in design and functionality. Last time, he wasn’t ready for Thanos. So maybe he’s fitted this one to combat the Mad Titan’s strength and possibly even the Infinity Stones.

From the background in this scene, he looks like he’s flying over New York. Maybe this is a test run sometime before the team face Thanos for real.

6. “Do you trust me?”

© Disney / Marvel

“I do”

This seems to be a pivotal moment in the movie, I guessing based on Tony’s tone. It’s good to see these two Avengers finally settle their differences.

In this scene that looks like it takes place in New York again, we see Captain America wearing his new suit. It looks way too pristine to be the one he wore in Infinity War. And in case you missed the leaks, Captain America’s new (and maybe final) suit is going to have a little throw back to his classic design in the comics with lots of scales all over.

Also, check out Tony’s hair. The color’s different. It’s more blond. Maybe he dyed it to look for when they face off with Thanos? Or could this confirm that time travel theory from the last trailer?

7. The Avengers… IN SPACE!

© Disney / Marvel

A little over half-way through the trailer, we see the Benatar enter hyperspace, which is followed immediately by a shot of the Avengers (minus Tony, Clint, and Banner) in the cabin of the Benatar. (below)

I think this is a misdirect. The Benatar entering hyperspace was from another part of the movie and it wasn’t carrying the Avengers, but just Tony and Nebula. I’m guessing this because the first shot has the Benatar go from a slow crawl from a planet that’s not Earth into hyperspace, so I assume that this is from when Tony and Nebula are still lost in space.

© Disney / Marvel

Regardless, we now know that the Avengers do go to space at some point of the movie. And I suspect some CGI tickery involved in the shot above. It could very possible that at this point the Avengers are actually wearing their brand new white uniforms, as seen in the previous trailer.

Also I would like to point out that Black Widow is the only one who’s at all phased by the fact that they’re in a space ship. Everyone else, including technologically-challenged Steve, is acting so nonchalant about the whole thing.

© Disney / Marvel

From the way these are edited, it makes it look like they’re going directly to the Sanctuary II, Thanos’ ship. (above) And if they are, that’s bold, bro.

Also, I love Rhodey’s reaction as they approach the Sanctuary II and Nebula’s just like, “Urgh, I hate my dad.” like a true edgelady. (below)

© Disney / Marvel

8. Thanos in full armor… and not using the Infinity Stones?

© Disney / Marvel

“You could not live with your own failure. What did that bring you? Back to me.”

We’ll finally get to see the Mad Titan Thanos battle it out in full armor, instead of a tank top and sweatpants like in the last one. His armor looks more war-torn and all the other times we saw it. What that means, I’m not sure.

Another thing to note is that Thanos teleported into battle with what seems to be his ships teleportation beam. Not the Space Stone. And if he’s not using one stone, he might not be using any of them. Could he have lost the Infinity Gauntlet? Could the stones not be working?

9. A battle on Earth

© Disney / Marvel

From this shot by the end of the trailer, you get a better look at Iron Man’s new armor. You can also spot debris that tell us that there’s going to be a battle on Earth and it’s going to completely decimate the area. Could this be by the end of the movie?

There have been rumors that the Avengers team will plan an offensive against Thanos in the first half of this 3-hr long film. They will have their behinds firmly handed to them when they do attack Thanos. A few lives may be lost. And it’s only then that they decide to attempt the time travel alternative.

10. The MCU Trinity vs. The Mad Titan

© Disney / Marvel

This is quite possibly the best shot in the trailer and most definitely a scene that will have me falling off the edge of my seat in the cinema. The big three – Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor – seem to be marching on against Thanos alone who’s sitting in the distance with his gigantic double bladed staff thing. Could the Avengers finally have Thanos beat in this scene? He looks like he’s catching his breath. Or maybe he’s just having a ciggy.

Could this last stand be between these three and Thanos because the others die? Who knows? But this shot is epic is every way and it’s only fitting to end the trailer with something this teasing.

BONUS: This heartfelt scene.

© Disney / Marvel

Why, Marvel? Why? *cries*

And that was it! That was everything interesting I could find in the NEW Avengers: Endgame teaser trailer. Notice anything that I missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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