10 Details from the Avengers: Endgame Trailer

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Marvel dropped the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame and it set the internet on fire. The Superbowl trailer that dropped last month was reportedly from the first 20 minutes of the film and showed the Avengers right after the snap, dealing with their failure and how the snappening changed the world. This new trailer showed us a little more from the film, as well as scenes from the first phase of Marvel movies.

After 11 years and 22 films, Marvel reminds us how far we’ve come with these characters and that all of it concludes with Avengers: Endgame.

Here are 10 things you might not have (or might have) noticed from the new trailer.

1.    Phase One Flashbacks

Property of Marvel Studios

The trailer opens with Tony Stark escaping the cave and becoming the famed Armored Avenger back in the original Iron Man (2008). What follows are other scenes from Phase One juxtaposed with the newer Avengers: Endgame scenes. These flashback scenes are completely in black and white, except for little splashes of Marvel red. The same effect was used in the Superbowl trailer when it featured the snapped heroes in their original movies.

During these series of Phase One flashbacks, monologues from Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, and Peggy Carter (presumably) can be heard, expressing their sentiments and regrets over what happened.

And speaking of Peggy Carter…

2.    Peggy Carter Foreshadows Time Travel

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Early in the trailer, a female voice says that “The world has changed.” This voice presumably belongs to Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers’ original love interest and an awesome character all on her own. She goes on to say that “All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best we can do is to start over.” just before the Marvel theme rises to its crescendo.

With the internet theorizing that time travel via Ant-Man and the quantum realm will play a big part in the film, the line “… the best we can do is start over.” takes on a whole new meaning.

3.    New White Suits

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Possibly the most enticing shot in the entire trailer is the rally shot of the remaining Avengers marching into action in the Avengers Facility wearing their new white suits. This shot is awesome in so many ways. In some leaked toy photos, we saw Thor and Rocket Racoon don these shiny new duds long before the trailer dropped. And the internet has theorized that these suits will be used by the Avengers to traverse the quantum realm in search of a time portal to go back and defeat Thanos.

We see Rhodey don a special white suit that looks to be a version of his War Machine armor with quantum technology built into it. Tony Stark, however, doesn’t seem to have his own special Iron Man quantum suit but since his new armor is nanotech, he presumably doesn’t need one since he can just summon his Iron Man armor over this white suit whenever he pleases.

4.    Quantum Bracelets

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The theory of time travel being a large part of Avengers: Endgame first gained traction after the internet got a hold of leaked set photos of the Avengers team back in the original Battle of New York from the first Avengers (2012). We see Steve Rogers in his campy Captain America suit from that original film, but we also see an older Tony Stark and Ant-Man. And unless you lived under a rock for the past seven years, you would know that Ant-Man wasn’t in that one. This proves that something strange is afoot, especially since they’re all wearing some weird LED things on the back of their hands. The internet has since theorized that these bracelets are quantum bracelets that they will use to travel through time.

In the new trailer, we see a shot of one of these quantum bracelets in action. You can barely see it really if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but Clint Barton (now Ronin) seems to be using one while running through some tunnels.

Or maybe it’s a flashlight. I don’t know.

5.    Hawkeye is Back… in Black.

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We didn’t see much of Clint Barton in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), much to the dismay of a decent number of Marvel fans. But he’s back now. We see shots of him with his family possibly having a picnic while he teaches his daughter how to use a bow. This shot is directly followed by him in his darker Ronin attire, killing people in Japan. This seems to indicate that his family became victims of the snappening, driving Clint Barton to revert to his pre-Avengers and pre-Budapest mercenary self. We see that Black Widow comes to get him to join the Avengers again.

Another small thing about Hawkeye is his hair, which the internet seems to hate but I think it’s kinda cool.

6.    Hair

Property of Marvel Studios

Speaking of hair, in a movie that might involve time travel and multiple time jumps, hair can be a great way to identify when each scene from the trailer takes place in the timeline. Scenes where Black Widow sports her shorter blonde hair and where Steve Rogers still rocks his beard presumably occur during the early minutes of the film. The internet theorizes that the film might breeze past a year because we also see scenes featuring a clean-shaven Rogers and Black Widow with longer red hair.

We can also see this detail present in scenes with Carol Danvers with Thor still having the lines shaven into the side of his head fresh from his time in Sakaar and Black Widow still having her golden locks.

7.    No Hulk

Property of Marvel Studios

For all that we see in the Avengers: Endgame trailer, what we don’t see is Hulk. We do get a few shots of Bruce Banner, but the Green Goliath is noticeably absent in the trailer. Although leaked concept art shows that he will be in this installment, despite not being in the last one. The concept art shows that Hulk will be much tamer, indicating that he might become Professor Hulk, a version of the Gamma-radiated Jade Giant that has Banner’s smarts and the Hulk’s strength. The art also shows that he’s finally gonna get his own suit in the form of a black and purple leotard that presumably stretches with his transformations.

They just might be saving the strongest Avenger for his eventual reveal in the film.

8.    Iron Man and Nebula Come Home

Property of Marvel Studios

In the Superbowl trailer, all we see of Tony Stark and Nebula are of them stranded in the ravaged Benatar (The Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship). In this one, we find out that through some Stark MacGyver-ing, they eventually do make it Earth just in time to rally with the rest of the heroes against Thanos.

Nebula presumably becomes an invaluable asset in the fight against the Mad Titan. Being his daughter, she might know most of the ins-and-outs of Thanos’ plan, including where he planned to retire after assembling the Infinity Gauntlet. We see a shot of her in her Ravager attire rushing into battle. It doesn’t seem to be in Titan, but it does look really war-torn. This might be the farm that ol’ Purple Chin retires to at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

9.    Captain Marvel and Thor Standoff

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The last scene of the trailer shows Thor standing off against Captain Marvel. This is possibly from when she first arrives at the Avengers Facility when tensions are still high from having a human infinity stone show up out of the blue. Thor stares her down, presumably to test her metal by show showing her his metal. (I mean Stormbreaker, you pervs.) After not flinching from the God of Thunder’s taunts, they both smile and Thor comments that he “likes this one.”

This scene is played for laughs and shows that in spite of the threats that the characters face, the film will still retain that light-hearted MCU charm. It also possibly hints to a possible Captain Marvel and Thor romance, since Jane Foster is out of the picture for now. But maybe not. Most likely not.

10. “Whatever it takes.”

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The most spine-chilling line from the trailer comes at the end of it when Black Widow declares, “Even if there’s a small chance, we owe this to everyone who’s not in this room to try.” To that, the rest of the team answers, “Whatever it takes.”

It’s an exciting remark that begins and ends with Captain America and Iron Man and is immediately followed by the rally march of the Avengers in their quantum gear. It shows that they’re prepared to go through hell to fix their mistakes, and possibly even foreshadows the inevitable: that one of them is going die for the team to succeed.

Property of Marvel Studios

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